Scott Lawrence is Doc

Frances Fisher (Maggie Stryder) today confirmed on twitter that Doc is to be played by Scott Lawrence. Lawrence has appeared on many TV shows and movies such as Avatar, The Social Network, Law and Order, NCIS and Desperate Housewives.

What do you think of Scott Lawrence as Doc? Do you love him or hate him? Only twelve months to go today, so get excited!


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3 thoughts on “Scott Lawrence is Doc

  1. I don’t like a single choice. What’s Jamie, 8? And I’m not a racist, but, Doc is… Well. I’m gonna write how Wanda saw him the first time, but it’s translated back to english from swedish, so it won’t be correct, sorry. He was tall and thin, and his bone structure appeared more clearly under the skin than most others. The colour of the hair was hard to determine in the sharp light, but it was either light brown or dark blonde. His face was narrow and had a mild expression.
    That, I’m sorry, is not a description of a dark man, and is not a description of Scott Lawrence. I’m very picky, and I don’t think they got one single character right. Especially not Mel/Wanda, O’Sheas and Jamie. The rest of them is awful, too. Only thing I actually lika with O’Sheas is that they look pretty much like each other, but they still look WRONG. Haha, well, that’s my opinion anyway ;)

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