New Seeker photos from Behind the Scenes

Set extras cast as Seekers have (in what is most likely to be a ‘kick off set’ move) posted photos of their costumes to social media site Twitter. The photos have been found thanks to The Host France and the Seekers car looks amazing! However, I am still a little concerned over the costumes being white when the Seeker was described to have been wearing black, only time will tell if it will do justice to the books, but it does look like it could be a good artistic move for the film, and the soul contacts look amazing, you can really tell who is a soul and who isn’t, though to tell the truth, once again it doesn’t fit in with the book because you can really tell without shining a flashlight into their eyes, though with the movie you need to be able to look at someone and be able to tell if they are a soul or not, we can’t jump into the film with flashlights!

Unfortunately all of the sites have been asked to take them down, however I will tell you what they looked like! All of the Seekers were dressed in white suits, the souls eyes are really, REALLY clear, and there was a photo of one of the cars, and they are silver, REALLY silver, you can see your reflection in them, it’s like a cross between a mirror and polished metal, they look very cool!

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8 thoughts on “New Seeker photos from Behind the Scenes

  1. Don’t like ’em eyes. Too obvious. Couldn’t they get mostly clear ones with silver in the centre? And it looks like they have a uniform, which is not how i imagined it

  2. I don’t like it, but it could be worse, the eyes could be too hard to see unless there was a close up and they could… i don’t know, have dressed the seekers in bright green, it could be worse

  3. I don’t like the eyes; I wish they were less conspicuous, and less blue :o
    Did you know that The Host is copping criticism on YouTube because of the ‘blue eyes’? Apparantly it’s racist because when the world is perfect the eyes are blue. God, I wish they got the eyes right.

    • How is it racist? I’m just trying to comprehend how on earth it is racist to any race… it doesn’t make sense. People will try and call anything racist these days

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