Who do you want to see as Pet?

Now that (most of) the cast of The Host movie has been cast, who are you hoping will play Pet at the end of the film and in future films if/when the next books come out? Here are my favourites and ones that I have seen around the internet, let me know who you would love to see as Wanderer!

Kirsten Prout played Amanda in ABC Family’s Kyle XY and later Lucy in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and most recently Char on ABC Family’s The Lying Game. She is my first pic for Pet, and she most defiantly has the innocent required to play Pet.

Sasha Pieterse plays the manipulative Allison in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and is defiantly young enough and soft enough to be Pet and Wanderer. She was in X-Men: First Class as an extra, which means there is a chance she has met Saoirse Ronan and could be in the producers minds?

Who are your favourites for Pet?

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