Who should play Fords Deep Waters?

“He hair hair on his face, a strange colour that my memory called red. … His face was generically human to me, but the knowledge in my memory applied the world kind.”

(The Host, Stephenie Meyer, page 22)

There is very little that we are told about Fords Deep Waters, only a couple of lines, however he is the one who put Wanderer into Melanie’s body and gave her the name of Wanderer. He has a very small part in the book, though there are theories going around the web that as he seems to sympathise with the humans he will resurface in the next book or two (Stpehenie said in an interview that the next two books will be called The Soul and The Seeker which means that we could see some more souls, could Fords Deep Waters join the human side?) there is a chance he may play a bigger role. Therefore, with only the description of red hair, beard and a kind face there is a lot of people who could play him.

I think the most unrealistic suggestion, but the funniest, I have seen is Adam Savage off Mythbusters, however if you think about it, he is a red head and has a kind face and a beard! Although I don’t know if he would really fit the part, if he was Healer Fords Deep Waters Wanda might be blown up before the book starts!

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? I don’t really know who I want to see as Fords Deep Waters yet.

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