Fords Deep Waters cast?

Fords Deep Waters

The Host IMDB page has been updated to include Marcus Lyle Brown as Healer Fords Deep Waters (they call him ‘Healer Fords’) and a new character (who was not in the books) named Charles to be played by Phil Austin.

We recently had a blog post talking about who would be good to play Fords Deep Waters, and in the book he has red hair and a red beard, what do you think about the different direction for Fords if this casting is actually real? And what do you think about the new character Charles if that is real as well?

We would like to point out that we take these kinds of castings off IMDB with a grain of salt until someone in the cast speaks out and confirms it or there is a press release from Open Roads, as IMBD has been right many times, however it is often wrong. For this reason, as other sites are reporting this as fact, we are taking it with an air of caution.


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