Is ‘The Host’ turning out too Jared sided?

After all the images and footage that have already OFFICIALLY come out (we are not counting the not yet released photo of Ian because we know we can’t post it) is The Host movie turning too much into a Jared love affair?

If we step back and have a look at the amazing photos and footage that we already have (Seriously Open Roads! Please don’t stop! We love looking at Jared too) there are about fifty billion photos of Jared, and a 0.5 second glance of Ian in the recent MTV interviews. Is Wanda and her love going to be ignored for Melanie and her love interest?

Jared has had more than one official photo released, Ian has had none. Jared has had an interview in the MTV Rough Cut interview. Ian didn’t. Jared had a scene being filmed shown in the MTV Rough Cut, Ian had about 0.5 seconds of air time. Is this movie going to turn out to be ignoring Ian for the sake of showing Jared? Will we get to see Ian as we do in the book?

After rewatching lots and LOTS of interviews with Stephenie Meyer when The Host first came out, she talks a lot about Ian and how she didn’t expect him to be as big as he was, how he was just going to be Klye’s side kick but refused that part. I really hope that she has been fighting for him because we haven’t seen a lot of him so far, and as someone who has a giant case of IAN-fluenza I really hope she has been sticking up for a kind, caring Ian so he gets equal (if not more, THAT would make me happy *wishful thinking*) screen time to Jared.

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4 thoughts on “Is ‘The Host’ turning out too Jared sided?

  1. If you read the back of the book, the triangle is described as Melanie – Jared and Wanda. Ian is a surprise later on, its a surprise in the film too. Why promote this film with yet another triangle (like Twilight and the hunger games) when you can promote it with the tag of the triangle between two bodies tag that actually makes the movie seem original. Of course Ian fangirls just want to see Ian and don’t really stop to think why Open Roads is promoting as it is.

    • But at this stage, we are still a year out from the film, at this stage it is only the hard core fans who know about The Host and have read the books following what is happening with the movie. Even if they had group photos, or more scenes with Ian in them in the behind the scenes footage that would be better, we’ve seen Ian twice, and honestly, Jared makes me mad, really mad. I really don’t like him.

  2. I think the lack of Ian promo materials is more for the sake of storytelling and not spoiling it for the people who haven’t read the book.

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