The Host behind the scenes photos

As promised, here are my screenshots from the MTV rough cut behind the scenes footage. Don’t they look amazing? What do you think about what we can see of the caves? I will be posting my thoughts on the caves soon!

Note to sites: If you would like to use this shots, feel free, but please link back. I took all of these myself, and Gyazo is the program I use if you have a mac and are looking for a tool to take screen shots with :) But please don’t steal without linking.

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5 thoughts on “The Host behind the scenes photos

  1. These are not at all what i pictured, definitely was picturing darker dirt, with more of a red-purple-brown tint rather than white/tan….hmmm. Also seems a bit too clean cut in terms of the passageways! I thought it was more rugged and natural tunnels/doorways. but oh well!

    • I agree, the dust isn’t purple, and the ground and walls are way too flat, Wanda always had trouble walking around in the dark because the ground was too uneven, but at least you can see, it’s well lit which, even though it annoys me because it’s not the same as the book, I like being able to see what is happening on screen!

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