Trailer Reactions: Michelle (The Host RPG/The Hosters)

WOW is the only word to describe The Host trailer. The trailer walks the line between the love Melanie has for Jared, the presence of Wanderer and the pure action sure to be packed into this movie!
The trailer defiantly packages The Host as a contrast against Twilight. The trailer, while it does touch on the romance between Melanie and Jared, features the action and conflict between souls and humans, mainly focusing on Melanie fighting for her life, and action packed scenes of the seekers.
I love the special effects in this trailer. They are sleek, sophisticated and flawless. If this is an indication of the level of detail in the whole movie, if everything else flops the movie will still be amazing.
Even though this is an amazing trailer, I still feel there are things missing. I feel that the love Melanie feels for Jamie is missing, and so is Ian. That being said, as a HUGE Ian lover, I was becoming attracted to Jared in this trailer.
As someone who was openly concerned about Saorise Ronan playing Melanie and Wanda, I have to admit I am still worried she will be too soft to portray Melanie, who in my mind is a very strong character, but only time will tell. She defiantly had Wanda down!
I am still worried about Ian, he is missing the blue eyes and black hair I’m in love with, I wish he featured in the trailer so I could see if the trade off is worth it. Only time will tell!
As picky as I am, I am very impressed with the trailer and I can’t wait to see more!
The Host RPG/The Hosters

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