Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Review

I promise that this will be the last Twilight related post on this site, but as it is the last movie and produced by the one and only Stephenie Meyer, I have to say;
Breaking Dawn Part 2 was Amazing.


After having just gotten home from the midnight screening on Breaking Dawn Part 2, I need to share this movie with the rest of you. I was so impressed by the credits of the film. I know it is a small thing, but they blew me away. Pretty much EVERYONE who was in the whole saga were acknowledged! There were pictures and credits for EVERYONE (except maybe Waldo, Jame’s victim in the first movie) including but not limited to; James, Victoria (x2) Bree, Sam, the list goes on and on and on.

The way that the book and words from the book were brought into the film was lovely, there was a scene at the end where it was like the book was closing (the last book and film) and you could see the words out of Breaking Dawn. It was just lovely.

Stephenie Meyer being a producer AND author seemed to be highly brought to attention in the credits, which was nice to see. I feel that she may have had a HUGE influence on the film, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, and it was my favorite of all the films (mind you, I spent a lot of the movie in awe that it was all over!)

The battle that never happened happened… kinda! The WHOLE battle that would have taken place took place! and then it turned out to be a vision of Alices! But it was so incredible that I believed it! I believed that Carlisle, Jasper (part of me, now that I know it didn’t happen, thought he deserved that from daring to be a part of The Last Airbender), Seth and Leah all died! I got really scared for about 10 minutes going in my head ‘Why Stephenie?! You were so involved!!! Please don’t let them change the ending of The Host!’ but I really, REALLY liked it! Yes, I was scared for a moment, but it really worked in the end, and it was a nice piece of action!

All in all, I will bring my review to a close because this site, after all, is not about Twilight. It was a good film, and now that it is out of the way, the stage is set for The Host. Hopefully The Host will be 10 times better still, because after all, The Host is the best story ever told (a little bias)

Unfortunately The Host trailer did not play before in Australia. It would have been nice to see it on the big screen!

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