Stephenie Meyer confirms that Sharon and Walter are not in the movie

Stephenie confirmed that Sharon and Walter didn’t make it into the big screen adaptation. She said it around 2:10 in the video if you want to skip ahead.

I had a feeling that Sharon would be cut, but hearing that Walter isn’t in it either is a shock. Without Walter, it’ll be interesting to see how Wanda will realize the souls were wrong to come to Earth.

What do you think about this news?

– Jess

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3 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer confirms that Sharon and Walter are not in the movie

  1. I Dont Like The Fact That Walter Was Cut From The Movie. In My Opinion He Was A Very Important Role In The Book. This Disappoints Me :/
    But I Still Think This Will Be A Great Movie. Books Are Always Better In My Opinion Though.

  2. I think Walter death was a pretty big in the book because it shows a turning point in the relationship between wanda and Ian because she depended on him a lot during the post death and after, so it will be interesting to see what they will do.

  3. I can understand Sharon’s character being cut, but not Walters. It feels like a betrayal to one of the most important story lines, not to mention one of the most emotional ones. I understand that when a book the size of The Host is put onto screen that some things are lost, but when things are rewritten and there’s room to add things not in the book, it kind of seems as an insult to the loyal readers, It is an added insult when the writer of such a loved book, who knows how involved the fans can get, is a part of the cuts and changes. Stephenie Meyer should stay true to her stories, because what she created is awesome. Yes, I will go see the movie, and yes I will complain about the little details that were so important in the book that have been changed, and once again I will be reminded by my husband why he doesn’t read the book, so he can enjoy the movie.

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